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HAPPY DAYS : The CHACHI Episodes ( season 10 )
September 24, 2008, 2:06 pm
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LETTING   GO (  telecast  date:  October  12,  1982  )

Chachi and Joanie, after spending the previous summer together in Chicago, decide that it would be a great idea for her to move there with him so they can start their music careers while she attends Northwestern University. Joanie informs her parents Howard and Marion of their plans but Mr. C seems not yet ready to give his permission or approval for his daughter’s leave-taking.


(  telecast  date:   November  16,  1982  )

Chachi and Joanie get the welcome opportunity to appear on a television program specializing in folk music. But this new musical genre’s increasing popularity upsets Fonzie who becomes deeply concerned that it will supersede and take the place of rock and roll.



(  telecast  date:  January  25,  1983  )

Chachi and Joanie, in a deal negotiated by Fonzie, meet with a record producer who is eager to sign them for a contract after listening to their demo tape. Unfortunately, a serious problem arises when Chachi’s heated quarrel with Mario, one of their bandmates, threatens to break up their musical group.

BABYSITTING (  telecast  date:  March  1,  1983  )

Chachi and Joanie return to Milwaukee after she complains of feeling ill while Fonzie serves as babysitter during the night of a big fight on television.


(  telecast  date:  March  15,  1983  )

Chachi tries to convince Joanie to stay with him in Chicago after she quits their band, moves back home with her parents and enrolls in a teaching program at the University of Wisconsin. Her final refusal to leave Milwaukee prompts Chachi to make an important decision about his own music career and his love for Joanie.



HAPPY DAYS : The CHACHI Episodes ( Season 11 )
September 15, 2008, 4:50 am
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THE   BALLAD   OF   JOANIE   AND   CHACHI (  telecast  date:  October  4,  1983  )

Chachi  feels ignored  when  Joanie’s  busy  life  keeps  her  occupied  with  many  new  events  and  prevents  them  as  a  couple  from  spending  any  quality  time  together.  In  a  swashbuckling  romantic  moment,  he  offers  marriage  as  a  solution  to  their  dilemna  but  instead  she  rejects  his  proposal  and  breaks up  with  him.

GLOVE   STORY (  telecast  date:  November  8,  1983  )

Chachi,  humiliated  after  being  nothing  more  than  a  coat  rack  for  Fonzie’s  scarf  during  a  rumble,  enters  the  city  boxing  championship  tournament  in  a  determined  effort  to  win  back  his  mentor’s  respect.  But  he  seriously  injures  his  best  punching  hand  while  training  as  a  contender  in  preparation  against  a  fearsome  opponent.

SOCIAL   STUDIES (  telecast  date:  January  31,  1984  )

Chachi,  still  nursing  a  broken  heart,  is  reluctant  to  ask  other  girls  out  on  dates  because  he  fears  rejection.  To  help  boost  his  young  cousin’s  depressed  spirit,  Fonzie  reveals  the  ultimate  secret  of  “The  Fonzarelli  Power”.  After  regaining  his  confidence,  Chachi  later  pays  a  midnight  visit  to  Joanie.

LOW   NOTES (  telecast  date:  July  5,  1984  )

Chachi,  tired  of  constantly  needing  to  borrow  money  from  Marion  (a.k.a.  Mrs.  C)  and  being  hassled  by  Fonzie  about  his  jobless  situation,  takes  work  as  a  ballroom  dance  instructor.  But  in  order  to  cover  up  his  real  occupation,  he  lies  and  falsely  says  that  he  got  a  recording  contract  with  The  Four  Seasons.

GOOD   NEWS  ,  BAD   NEWS (  telecast  date:  July  19,  1984  )

Chachi,  basking  in  the  glow  of  a  hit  single  on  the  record  charts,  finds  himself  invited  to  become  an  opening  act  for  The  Beach  Boys  during  their  musical  tour.  Unfortunately,  he  also  receives  startling  medical  news  about  his  own  personal  health.


PASSAGES  ,  part  1 (  telecast  date:  May  8,  1984  )

Chachi  and  Joanie,  upon  seeing  that  both  of  them  are  dating  people  who  look  almost  exactly  like  each  other,  consider  the  option  of  getting  back  together  again  as  a  couple,  share  their  recent  experiences  as  individuals,  and  ultimately  realize  that  perhaps  they  were  meant  for  one  another.

joanie and chachi wedding

PASSAGES  ,  part   2 (  telecast  date:  May  8,  1984  )

Chachi  and  Joanie  prepare  for  their  wedding  and  finally  get  married,  in  addition  to  other  concluding  plot  developments  of  this  historic  series  finale.