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The Boy Who Drank Too Much
September 9, 2010, 1:41 am
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Telecast Date : February 6, 1980

SCOTT BAIO stars as Buff Saunders, a high school hockey player well-liked        and well-respected among his coach and teammates.

Unfortunately, he is also the son of Ken Saunders ( Oscar  nominee  Don Murray ),       an ex-hockey star who had reacted negatively to the loss of his own professional sports career with a steadily increasing reliance upon liquor.

Buff excels athletically in school but when the inevitable disappointments come up,       he starts to imitate his father’s booze intake and finds himself on the road to becoming a teen alcoholic.



Struggling to hide the truth from his elders and peers, the young athlete must work        to remain clean and sober in order to maintain his position on the hockey team and  keep the respect of his friends.

Lance Kerwin plays his best friend and teammate Billy Carpenter who notices             the early warning signs and commits himself to prevent Buff  from descending into severe alcoholism and rescue him from his self-destructive habit.

This made-for-television movie directed by Jerold Freeman is based on the novel        by Shep Greene and was originally distributed by CBS.


It is a prime example of an Afterschool Special, arguably a 20th century morality play that deals with a serious issue, which might confront teens in a prescriptive manner.


The  Boy  Who  Drank  Too  Much  was  intended  as  a  breakthrough  role  for  teen  idol  SCOTT  BAIO  who  is  in  fact  better  than  usual  here.


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