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Daveland Presents A Tribute To “Zapped!”
October 25, 2011, 2:17 am
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This  past  weekend,  I  was  fortunate  enough  to  stumble  upon  the  cinematic  jewel  known  simply  as  ZAPPED!  It  is  a  film  from  1982  made  with  the  same  principles  as  “Porky’s”:  Let’s  find  a  way  to  mish-mash  as  many  boobs  as  possible  into  a  film  without  a  plot.  And  let  me  tell  you  –  it  is  a  beautiful  thing.  The  only  other  movie  I’ve  seen  that  is  such  an  effective  amalgam  of  titties  and  nonsense  is  “Showgirls”.  And  that’s  something  to  be  proud  of.

ZAPPED!  is  the  story  of  Barney  Springboro  ( played  eloquently  by  SCOTT  BAIO ),  a  high  school  nerd  for  the  ages  who  in  the  beginning  of  the  film  is  working  on  experiments  that  consist  of  getting  mice  drunk  and  having  them  scuba-dive.  In  addition  to  being  at  the  forefront  of  Rodent  Underwater  Expedition  Science  ( R. U. E. S. ),  Barney  is  also  growing  a  plethora  of  pot  in  his  high  school’s  lab.  This  idea  most  likely  came  from  Barney‘s  right-hand  man  with  the  plan,  Peyton  Nichols,  played  by  SCOTT  BAIO‘s  eternal  partner  in  crime,  Willie  Aames.  SCOTT  and  Willie  most  famously  were  buddies  on  the  TV  show  “Charles-In-Charge”.  SCOTT  BAIO  also  played  Chachi  on  “Happy  Days”  and  on  the  ill-fated  “Joanie  Loves  Chachi”,  a  “Happy  Days”  spin-off  that  proved  no  Fonz  is  no  dice.  But  I  prefer  to  remember  SCOTT  from  his  legendary  performance  as  Pete  Bianco,  Uncle  Jessie’s  old  motorcycle  buddy  from  the  quintessential  “Full  House”  episode  “Dr.  Dare  Rides  Again”.

So  anyway,  Barney  manages  to  get  the  powers  of  telekinesis  through  a  lab  mishap  involving  Jack  Daniels,  Weed  ( or  “Hooch”  as  Peyton  lovingly  calls  it ),  and  other  chemicals.  Barney  awakens  to  find  out  that  he  can  move  stuff  with  his  mind.  And  throughout  the  whole  film,  all  he  moves  are  baseballs,  a  mattress,  and  of  course,  women’s  clothing.

Barney  could  have  done  so  much  more  with  his  powers  but  the  love  interest,  Bernadette,  held  him  back.  The  classic  thing  about  Bernadette’s  character  is  that  she  feeds  the  ongoing  stigma  that  all  teenage  girls  look  better  with  their  hair  down  and  glasses  off,  which  is  only  revealed  at  the  end  of  the  movie.  A  lot  of  hilarious  stuff happens  after  Barney  gets  his  powers  but  I  won’t  spoil  it.

We’ll  just  fast-forward  to  the  prom,  which  is  an  obvious  “Carrie”  spoof.  But  instead  of  having  blood  gush  from  his  head  and  fire  spit  from  doorways,  Barney  disrobes  everyone  in  the  gymnasium,  throwing  your  peripheral  vision  into  a  frenzy.  There  are  boobs  everywhere  and  no  plot  anywhere.  So  Barney  and  Bernadette  make  out,  everyone  runs  around  naked  trying  to  find  their  clothes,  and  Peyton  classically  exits  while  chasing  some  ass.  Bravo!

The  Best  Scene  In  Movie  History:  As  I  hinted  to  earlier,  Barney  plays  on  his  high  school  baseball  team,  The  Ralph  Waldo  Emerson  Penguins.  He  also  seems  to  have  a  special  bond  with  his  coach.  And  we  know  he  is  his  coach  because  he  wears  a  cap  that  says  “Coach”.  Coach  is  played  by  the  master-of-his-craft  Scatman  Crothers.  Now  for  the  scene  set-up….. As  mentioned  earlier,  Barney  and  Peyton  are  growing  some  righteous  Hooch  in  the  lab.  But  it  is  discovered  by  a  teacher  and  thrown  into  THE  SCHOOL  INCINERATOR.  Coach  sees  that  the  door  is  open  to  the  Boiler  Room  so  he  goes  in  and  opens  the  incinerator,  receiving  a  cloud  of  delicious  doobage.  The  audience  is  then  treated  to  a  glimpse  inside  Scatman  Crothers’  mind  as  he  begins  to  hallucinate.  He  imagines  he  is  riding  bikes  through  a  meadow  with  Albert  Einstein,  having  the  time  of  his  life.  But  then,  HIS  WIFE  APPEARS  IN  A  HORSE-DRAWN  CHARIOT!  An  epic  chase  follows  where  Albert  and  Scatman  try  to  outrun  her  but  she  has  a  trick  up  her  sleeve  –  A  SALAMI  LAUNCHER!  The  Coach’s  wife  begins  to  fire  salami  at  Coach  like  rockets  and  he  awakens  in  fear,  ending  a  movie  scene  that  is  up  there  with  the  greats.  D-Day  from  “Saving  Private  Ryan”,  “The  Graduate”  finale,  “A  Few  Good  Men”  finale,  and  The  Einstein-Scatman  Salami  Chase  from  ZAPPED!

Kudos  to  the  legends  of  film.  SCOTT  BAIO,  come  home.

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