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A Message From The Arcolytes
January 25, 2012, 1:40 am
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One  of  our  members  sadly  reported  to  us  that  Political  Sabotage  has  recently  taken  place  at  the  IMDB  fan  discussion  boards.

Since  the  beginning  of  the  Occupy  Wall  Street  movement  and  other  left-wing  mob  activities  in  various  cities  last  year,  the  posted  commentaries  of  politically  conservative  and  right-of-center  members  at  the  IMDB  were  mysteriously  deleted  from  their  respective  fan  message  boards.

Among  the  numerous  casualties  were  the  innocent  fan  postings  about  Mr.  Scott  Baio  and  his  difficulties  in  trying  to  find  work  as  a  Republican-voting  celebrity  actor  within  the  hostile  environment  of  liberal  Hollywood.

It  does  clearly  appear  that  the  IMDB  Administrative  Staff  has  been  dangerously  compromised  and  infiltrated  by  the  hidden  agents  of  the  Intolerant  Political  Left.

As  a  direct  result  thereof,  it  becomes  highly  necessary  to  warn  all  Scott  Baio  fans  as  well  as  other  political  conservatives  on  the  internet  so  that  they  will  be  very  careful  in  visiting  and  using  the  IMDB.

Please  kindly  allow this  important  warning  to  be  posted  here.  It  may  be  happening  elsewhere.

If  this  disturbing  occurrence  at  the  IMDB  is  a  preview  of  the  future,  then  we  should  prepare  ourselves  for  the  dawning  of  A  New  Politically – Correct  Fascist  Age.

Angry  radical  leftists  are  not  just  violently  wrecking  havoc  in  the  streets  nowadays.  Angry  radical  leftists   are  also  stalking  the  internet  on  a  treacherous  mission  to  silence  the  Free  Speech  Rights  of  anyone  who  disagrees  with  them.

God  please  help  us.

“I’ve  been  a  Conservative  since  age  three,  I  think.  I  was  never  afraid  to  speak  my  mind.  But  I  do  remember  many  times  on  a set  when       I  would  hear  my   Liberal  friends  talking  and  I  did  not  speak  out.             I  stepped  back  and  did  not  comment.  Because  there  is  a  stigma            ( in  Hollywood )  that  if  you  talk  ( as  a  Conservative  or  a  Republican ),  you don’t  work.”

( Scott  Baio ) 

“For  all  of  our  artistic  inclinations,  Hollywood  has  never  been  a  very  tolerant  place.  I  don’t  feel  persecuted,  strictly  speaking.  But  I  do  feel  frustrated.  What  disturbs  me  and  I  think  disturbs  a  lot  of  Americans  is  their  whole  idea  of  politics  which  seems  to  be:  ‘If  you  disagree  with  us,  you  must  be  evil.’  If  you  fit  outside  the  narrow  parameters  of  Political  Correctness,  they’ll  question  your  compassion.  That’s  why  a  lot  of  ( politically  conservative )  people  don’t  speak  up  here.”

( Tom  Selleck )

“Hollywood  is  indeed  a  very  liberal  community  for  the  most  part.  But  the  polarized  discord  has  grown  so  much  that  a  lot  of  artists  who  happen  to  be  conservative  are  really  frightened  and  fearful  of  coming  out.  I  myself  have  been  a  little  more  outspoken  than  most,  but  the  common  fear  among  many  of  us   is  that  one  will  get  marginalized  as  a  result.  If  you  are  a conservative  in  Hollywood,  they  are  going  to  hurt  you.”

( Robert  Davi )

“When  you  are  a  Republican  in  Hollywood,  you  do  feel  a  bit  lonely  and  isolated.  I  wish  that  Hollywood  was  more  of  a  two-party  town,  but  it’s  really  not  at  all.  Conservatives  are  outnumbered  here  and  get  bullied  by  liberal          co-workers  into  keeping  their  own  political  opinions  to  themselves.  My  advice  to  less  established  industry  players  and  other  young  talents  starting  out  in  this  business:  shut  up  about  your  conservative  politics.  Never  forget  that  leftwing  intolerance  runs  pretty  rampant  out  here  in  California.”

( Kelsey  Grammer )

“Most  young  actors  and  actresses  easing  themselves  out  of  the  Republican  closet  are  desperately  looking  for  advice.  ‘What  will  this  really  do  to  me?’  they  ask.  They  must  understand  there  is  a  price  to  be  paid.  Recognize  that  you’re  not  one  of  those  stars  who  can  throw  a  fit.  Always  says  yes.  Always  be  cooperative.  Recognize  there  is  no  margin  for  error  for  people  like  us  in  this  community.”

( Lionel  Chetwynd )

“Republicans  in  Hollywood  and  elsewhere  better  stock  up  on  thick-skinned,  rhino-armored  clothing.  Because  it  is  going  to  be  a  really  long  nuclear  winter  for  all  of  us  during  the  next  several  years.”

( Dennis  Miller )

A   SOLDIER’S   PRAYER   FOR   HIS   SON   by   General   Douglas   MacArthur

Build  me  a  son,  O  Lord,  who  will  be  strong  enough  to  know            when  he  is  weak,  brave  enough  to  face  himself  when  he  is  afraid;  one  who  will  be  proud  and  unbending  in  honest  defeat,                    humble  and  gentle  in  victory.

Build  me  a  son  whose  wishes  will  not  take  the  place  of  deeds;            a  son  who  will  know  Thee  –  and  that  to  know  himself  is                          the  foundation  stone  of  knowledge.

Lead  him,  I  pray,  not  in  the  path  of  ease  and  comfort,                               but  under  the  stress  and  spur  of  difficulties  and  challenges.                   Let  him  learn  to  stand  up  in  the  storm;  let  him  learn  compassion         for  those  who  fail.

Build  me  a  son  whose  heart  will  be  clear,  whose  goal  will  be  high;       a  son  who  will  master  himself  before  he  seeks  to  master  other  men;  one  who  will  reach  into  the  future,  yet  never  forget  the  past.

And  after  all  these  things  are  his,  add,  I  pray,  enough  of                           a  sense  of  humor  so  that  he  may  always  be  serious                               yet  never  take  himself  too seriously.

Give  him  humility,  the  simplicity  of  true  greatness,  the  open  mind  of  true  wisdom  and  the  meekness  of  true  strength.

Then  I,  his  father,  will  dare  to  whisper,  “I  have  not  lived  in  vain.”

( NOTE  TO  WORDPRESS:  Our  goal  is  much  more  than  fifty. )