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Scott Baio, His Wife and Their Daughter Miraculously Survive Dangerous Attack by Violently Insane Trump-Hating Female Fanatic At School Christmas Event
January 12, 2017, 2:55 am
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The  Trump-hating  wife  of  The  Red  Hot  Chili  Peppers’  drummer             went  ballistic  on  actor  SCOTT  BAIO  merely  because  he  had  been            a  vocal  Trump  supporter.  

The  incident  happened  at  a  Christmas  family  event  in  front  of  children  and  their  parents.


TMZ  reports :

 SCOTT  BAIO  has  filed  a  police  report  stating  that  the  ( CRAZY )  wife        of  The  Red  Hot  Chili  Peppers  drummer  went  nuts  on  him  at  a  holiday  function  with  their  elementary  school  kids,  physically  attacking  him  over        his  support  of  Donald  Trump.

Law  enforcement  officers  tell  TMZ  that  BAIO  was  at  a  school  event  with  his  wife  and  their  daughter  in  Thousand  Oaks,  CA  when  ( NUTCASE )  Nancy  Mack  confronted  him.  She  is  a  vocal  anti-Trump  supporter          who  has  called  the  President-elect  racist.

( MANIAC )  Mack  started  cursing  and  berating  SCOTT  who  calmly          asked  her  to  quiet  down  because  numerous  kids  and  their  parents  were  in  attendance  at  the  school  presentation.  

But  ( NUTCASE )  Nancy  repeatedly  screamed  at  him :                                       “Grab  ’em  by  the  p%*#&!”  

 At  that  point,  ( MANIAC )  Mack  attacked  poor  SCOTT,  grabbing  him  under  the  arms  while  shaking  and  pushing  him  down.  

 RENEE,  his  wife,  also  testified  that  ( NUTCASE )  Nancy  also  hysterically  screamed  at  the  couple’s  innocent  9  year  old  daughter  BAILEY,  asking  the  little  girl  if  she  wanted  to  be  “grabbed  by  the  p%*#&!”  in  front  of  all  the  other  shocked  children,  parents,  teachers  and  school  officials.  

RENEE  says  that  she  has  the  entire  incident  on  video.


And  while  ( MANIAC )  Mack  is  outraged  because  she  thinks  Donald  Trump  is  a  misogynist,  she  has  no  problem  being  married  to  a  guy  in  a  rock  band  full  of  sexual  predators.  The  Red  Hot  Chili  Peppers  are  accused  of  sexually  assaulting  a  record  company  executive.  Singer  Anthony  Kiedis  has  actually  been  convicted  of  sexual  battery  and  indecent  exposure.

I  wonder  if  she  also  yells  at  her  own  husband’s  band  and  physically     assaults  them  too.

( NUTCASE )  Nancy  tried  to  justify  her  violent  behavior  against  BAIO            by  saying  that  she  was  trying  to  demonstrate  the  way  Donald  Trump  hugs  women.  Even  if  that  is  the  case,  she  physically  touched  him  and  someone  who  is  concerned  about  sexual  assault  should  know          that’s  not  okay  at  all.  It  also  doesn’t  help  that  she  was  screaming  profanities  at  SCOTT,  his  wife  and  his  child.  

The  Ventura  County  Sheriff’s  Department  is  investigating  the  incident  and  has  listed  Nancy  Mack  as  A  BATTERY  SUSPECT.  




( “Wife  Of  Red  Hot  Chili  Peppers  Drummer  Attacks  Scott  Baio  Over                         Trump  Support”  by  Brian  Anderson, :  December  15,  2016 )


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